What is an Accelerated Nursing Degree?

Accelerated Nursing DegreeWhat is an accelerated nursing degree and how can you find an accelerated degree program?  If you are comparing several different schools of nursing, one of the first things you should do is research the duration of the program. Understanding how long you will spend in school can help you make a formal plan for your future so that you can set your goals and start comparing job openings within the field.

What Differentiates a Standard Nursing Degree Program From an Accelerated Program?

It is very common for students to earn a degree and later decide that they do not have an interest to enter the field that they majored in. If you have found that your degree is not useful or you want to enter nursing as demand grows, the accelerated nursing degree may be the right choice for you. An accelerated degree takes an innovative approach to preparing students who have completed a non-nursing degree program to enter the field of nursing. To attend this innovative fast-track program, you must already possess an accredited Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The accelerated program will build upon your previous learning experiences so that you can transition into nursing without spending an additional four to six years studying to earn a Bachelor’s in Nursing.

How Long Does it Take to Earn an Accelerated Nursing Degree?

Accelerated nursing programs offer students the fastest route to licensure for any adult who possesses a degree in a non-nursing discipline, according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. If you enroll in this specialized nursing program, you do not have to repeat your general education credits. The only courses that you must take are focused on the nursing discipline. If you possess a Bachelor’s, you can earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing in typically 11 to 18 months. If you would like to earn your Master’s, expect to spend about three years studying general and advanced nursing topics.

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Where Can You Find Accelerated Nursing Programs?

Not all colleges with a school of nursing will offer students the option to transition into nursing quickly with an accelerated layout. If you are interested in cutting the time it takes to earn your degree in half, there are currently 255 accelerated programs and 71 Master’s degree programs that you can choose from.

Do you think that you have what it takes to transition into the discipline of nursing? If you currently possess an accredited degree and you are serious about practicing as a nurse, it is time to compare the accelerated programs. To be a good candidate for these fast-track programs, you must be motivated and financially ready to pay for your tuition and books. If you want a second degree, one majoring in the discipline of nursing, then an accelerated nursing degree is the path you should take.